Coal Mining Museum

1st February 2020
Matt Ward

Young people from 7th Retford Cubs and Scouts took a visit to the national coal mining museum in Wakefield as a part of their winter camp.

7th Retford Cubs and scouts before the 460~ foot lift ride to the mine.

They enjoyed learning about mining history from the early 1800's to modern day machinery. They learned how "Pit Ponies" were used to help the miners hauling the coal from the face back up to the surface.

Some of the scouts came out looking a little dirtier than when they went in.

Cubs and scouts looking round the locker room.

As well as learning about the mine its self they also learned took a look round the Bath house and locker rooms, where all the pit workers would wash after there shift down the mine.

if you have never been i would highly recommend you take a visit the the National Coal Mining Museum. its was a very fun and educational day out and they have lots of fun activities to do in the summer time.

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