Who are Scouts?

Each scout troop consists of small units of six to eight scouts called a patrol, usually led by a patrol leader. Outdoor activities feature prominently in the scout troop, with the highlight being camping. Throughout the year, scouts learn various skills, such as map reading, camp cooking and first aid in preparation for camp. Rock climbing, potholing, gliding, sub photography and international experiences are just some of the things they get up to.

What do Scout do?

What don’t Scouts do? At this age, we encourage girls and boys to take responsibility for themselves and each other, with older members leading a small team. They like being with friends and participating fully in the adventure of life. In the Troop Scouts:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Learn emergency aid
  • Spend nights away – the summer camp is often the highlight of the year
  • Help others in the community
  • Cook, both at home and at camp
  • Adventurous and sporting activities – anything from abseiling to zorbing
  • Learn survival skills

Can I Join?

Any young person aged between 10 and 14 can join the scout section. Find your nearest troop from the Groups pages and contact them for more information.

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