Kandersteg Adventure 2014 – Day 6 (Thursday)

Posted on August 28th, 2014 by Tom
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This morning, we all met outside the Chalet to have a group photo. It was really good to see everyone in their purple tops, it really felt like we were one big Scouting family.  After our photo we all got onto the buses for our trip out.

The first place we went today was Trummelbach falls. These were awesome water falls that, over millions of years, have eroded their way through the mountain.  To get to the top, we went in a lift that went inside the mountain.  It was cramped, but the experience was like nothing we would get back home.  After we exited the lift, we still had a fair way to climb up the mountain, but when we got there, the view was more than worth the effort to climb up.  The waterfalls cascade all around us, we got pretty damp walking around.  One of the falls was even in the shape of a corkscrew!

After the falls, we got back on the coach and went to Interlaken.  Interlaken is a city in between two massive lakes (the name of the city sort of makes sense).  We ate our lunch on the city square, with Jungfrau (a massive mountain) right behind us-what a sight!  The city was filled with cute little shops and traditional cafes, which was a huge contrast to back home.  This was the perfect opportunity for some sightseeing and souvenir shopping too!  Parents, we hope you like chocolate and cow bells!

This evening we are off to do two rather interesting sounding activities with the other scouts on the site; Race the World and Light the World.  We are really looking forward to meeting even more new people and having fun too!

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