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Bake Off

Posted on March 23rd, 2016 by Tom

Scouts from 14th Worksop (S.Annes) made some awesome looking cakes this week in there very own Easter bake off challenge.

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Up, Up and away

Posted on March 23rd, 2016 by Tom

Beavers from 14th Worksop (S Annes) have been working toward there air activities badge and have designed there very own awesome looking aircraft with LEGO as part of it.

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Beavers aiming high!

Posted on March 16th, 2016 by Tom

Members of 12th Worksop beaver colony have received the highest award for the section, the Cheif Scouts Bronze award. This award recognizes the hard work and dedication that they have put into there time of being a Beaver Scout and the badges and awards they have gained to achieve this award. Well Done!

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Network Bowling

Posted on March 7th, 2016 by Tom

Our Network unit, North Notts Network when out on a Bowling trip on Monday night. With varing degrees of success to start with, by the end we were all bowling like pro’s. Next month were planning on going to bounce nation.


Our Network unit, North Notts Network is always open to new members. They hold events throughout the year and take part in County and National Events. If you want to get involved, drop an email to Tom Ward, Network Commissioner.

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Better Prepared

Posted on October 31st, 2014 by Cameron

On Wednesday 29th October, 2 of our Explorers and our DC went down to the House of Commons, with some more members of the Scout Association, to meet with MPs to launch ‘Better Prepared’.  Better Prepared is a new initiative from the Scout Association to try and get more support for Scouting in the 200 most disadvantaged wards in the UK.


Neave and Daisy did a fantastic job during the day.  They were brilliant at talking with the MPs about the difference that Scouting has made to their lives and the impact it has had on them.  During the day, not only did they meet many MPs from all over the UK, but they also met the Speaker of the House of Commons, the UK Commissioner (Wayne Bulpitt), The Commissioner for England (Mark Tarry), The Scout Association’s Chief Executive (Matt Hyde) and also, the brand new Youth Commissioner (Hannah Kentish).


The day was a brilliant experience for the Explorers, and fantastic, not only for Bassetlaw, but for Scouting across the UK.

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Fiery pizza!

Posted on September 17th, 2014 by Cameron

This week we made a ‘cheat’s’ version of pizza, which involved cooking on a fire using tin foil with varying degrees of success! The pizza was made using a loaf bread which was then topped with tomato puree and a variety of tasty ingredients including cheese and meat. Although it did taste rather nice we did smell of smoke afterwards. We also said goodbye to one of our members who is off to university, we wish him all the best for the future.

CAM00192 CAM00193

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Bowling with Cannon ESU

Posted on September 11th, 2014 by Cameron

To kick off the new term the members of Cannon ESU went bowling. Each game got rather competitive and the gaps between those at the top were tight – we then went to McDonald’s before heading home. Next week we are planning what other activities we will be doing over the coming term.

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Kandersteg Trip Blog Update

Posted on August 30th, 2014 by Tom

So here goes with my first blog post of the trip, today we have left Kandersteg and set off on our way home. In the morning we all packed up our belongings and then went and had a look around the shops. We then broke for  lunch, followed by flag down and the presentation of awards to all the young people. Every young person and leader were awarded a silver wanderweg pin, Kandersteg international friendship award and the kander challenge badge. Leaders Tom and Jack were also awarded their young leader belts for completing all of the training required as part of the young leader programme.  These are the first 2 that have been awarded in Bassetlaw District.

After this we loaded the bus`s up and had one last look in the shop, followed by a group photo with the other group that is with us from Nottingham. We then departed Kandersteg and he added for our evening meal. As I am writing, we are travelling through Western France on our way to calais for our morning ferry.


Bassetlaw District Media Development Manager


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Kandersteg Adventure 2014 – Day 7 (Friday)

Posted on August 29th, 2014 by Tom

This morning we woke up and, instead of going to our activities, we went into the village.  In the village, there was a classic car touring rally starting. We saw loads of amazing cars, which was an awesome sight next to the alps.

After we saw the tour start, we headed off to the sunnbuel cable car.  This cable car journey was very different to the last one we went on.  This cable car seemed to go on for ages, climbing higher and higher into the Alps.  When we finally reached the top, the view was beautiful and awe-inspiring.  We thought we had seen everything until we saw the sight from here.

Up at the top, we went around the Gemmi pass area, hiking.  This hike was meant to be a flat hike; but that’s not possible in Kandersteg.  Although the walk was challenging, everyone had a great time-partly because of the beautiful views of the alpine scenery.

Everyone had a buzzing time, especially on the way back down in the cable car as it seemed to just keep on dropping down to earth.  It was a little scary for some of the members, but fantastic for everyone else!

Tonight we are off to the international campfire, we are all looking forward to that.  A campfire with Scouts from all over the world; learning new songs from other countries and having a great time with all the other people there!

Elliott and Caitlin

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Kandersteg Adventure 2014 – Day 6 (Thursday)

Posted on August 28th, 2014 by Tom

This morning, we all met outside the Chalet to have a group photo. It was really good to see everyone in their purple tops, it really felt like we were one big Scouting family.  After our photo we all got onto the buses for our trip out.

The first place we went today was Trummelbach falls. These were awesome water falls that, over millions of years, have eroded their way through the mountain.  To get to the top, we went in a lift that went inside the mountain.  It was cramped, but the experience was like nothing we would get back home.  After we exited the lift, we still had a fair way to climb up the mountain, but when we got there, the view was more than worth the effort to climb up.  The waterfalls cascade all around us, we got pretty damp walking around.  One of the falls was even in the shape of a corkscrew!

After the falls, we got back on the coach and went to Interlaken.  Interlaken is a city in between two massive lakes (the name of the city sort of makes sense).  We ate our lunch on the city square, with Jungfrau (a massive mountain) right behind us-what a sight!  The city was filled with cute little shops and traditional cafes, which was a huge contrast to back home.  This was the perfect opportunity for some sightseeing and souvenir shopping too!  Parents, we hope you like chocolate and cow bells!

This evening we are off to do two rather interesting sounding activities with the other scouts on the site; Race the World and Light the World.  We are really looking forward to meeting even more new people and having fun too!

Hannah & Megan

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